Saturday, December 15, 2018

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FDA Issues Warning About Homeopathic Teething Products: “Throw Them Away”

It's been stated before, but it bears repeating: simply because something is labeled “all-natural,” “organic” and/or “homeopathic” does not mean it is necessarily safe. This week, the Food and Drug Administration has highlighted this fact by warning parents not to use homeopathic teething “remedies” and to dispose of such...

CVS and Hyland Homeopathic Teething Gel: Belladonna, What is it and What is it Used For?

Over the past few years, well-meaning parents seeking to ease their young children's teething pain have been tragically and inadvertently poisoning them with what is purported to be an “all-natural” homeopathic remedy.Aside from the fact that the science of homeopathy itself is questionable, these parents have mistakenly accepted...