Monday, May 20, 2019

The Stryker hip lawsuit involves the LFIT Anatomic V40 femoral head utilized in the Stryker Accolade, and also the Rejuvenate and ABG II hip modules.

The LFIT Anatomic femoral heads manufactured before 2012 are experiencing a higher than expected failure rate, and the company has issued a voluntary recall of the medical devices. The defect can result in immense pain, mobility issues, broken bones, cobalt poisoning, chromium toxicity, metallosis, and complete hip revision surgery.

The Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular hip systems were recalled several years ago because the devices were corroding within the bodies of patients. The corrosion occurs at the modular-neck joint, and can cause muscle and bone loss. A global settlement has been reached in regard to these specific devices.

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Stryker Hip News
Doctor Holding Hip Implant

Stryker Reaches New Settlement Agreement in Wake of Falling Revenues

More than two years after an offer to pay $1.4 billion to patients to settle lawsuits over defective hip replacements (for an estimated $300,000 per plaintiff), Stryker and Howmedica have updated their offer. In a press release dated December 19th 2016, Stryker announced that the company will: “...compensate additional eligible...

Another Defective Hip Recall From Stryker Medical Is Injuring Patients

It’s a shame that the “three strikes, you’re out” laws don’t apply to “corporate people” who continue to injure and even kill people with impunity, because Stryker Medical is certainly one of many corporate repeat offenders. First, it was the Accolade TMZF Plus Hip Stem, which was recalled in 2011...

$1.4 Billion Settlement Reached in Stryker Hip

For patients who have received a hip replacement, the outcome expected may be to move easier and without pain. For the recipients of a Stryker ABG II or Rejuvenate hip implant, however, the new outcome may be a settlement of $300,000. The Stryker implants were documented to cause corrosion,...

Stryker Hip Lawsuits Still Being Filed as Settlements Continue

In July of 2012, Stryker Corporation issued a recall on the Rejuvenate Modular-Neck Hip Stems. Today, lawsuits continue to be filed against manufacturers for the injuries these products have cause. “Stryker hip implants are known to cause significant damage to the patients using them,” commented Daniel Nigh, an attorney with...

Recalled Products Affect Profit, Yet Stryker Sales are Still on the Rise

Stryker Corp. announced on Thursday that its quarterly net profit fell 70 percent, despite an increase in sales. Increased sales of its hip, knee, and spine products were offset by charges for its recalled products, Reuters reports. The company reported a quarterly net profit of $103 million. Despite multiple product...
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