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E-Cigarette Ads Are Targeting Young People – And It’s Encouraging Them to Take Up The Real Thing

Years ago, Big Tobacco was infamous for covertly targeting its advertising toward young people. In fact, it is still going on. According to the organization Truth Initiative, tobacco companies continue to place a disproportionate number of ads in low-income neighborhoods, particularly in predominantly African-American communities.Fortunately, the efforts of...
E-Cigarette Legislation

Favorable E-Cigarette Legislation Goes Down to Defeat, Industry Lobbyist Vows “Payback”

Hopes in the e-cigarette industry for regulatory relief were dashed this week as Congressional Democrats, with the help of a number of Republicans, killed an amendment to the Tobacco Control Act that would have reined in some of the FDA's “deeming” regulations. Had the amendment passed and the complete...

More E-Cigarette Dangers: Heart Disease and Childhood Asthma

While a great deal remains unknown about the long-term health effects of e-cigarette smoking, two recently published medical research studies are shedding more light on the subject. Two specific risks have been identified: heart disease and childhood asthma.The first study was published in the March 2017 Journal of the...
e-cigarette history

The E-Cigarette Story – History, Benefits & Concerns

“E-cigarettes,” or as they are more properly known, “electronic cigarettes,” have been around for well over fifty years, although the modern version has only been on the market for the past dozen years. Since that time, the use of e-cigarettes has increased exponentially. According to figures from the Centers...
E-Cigarette Burns

E-Cigarette Batteries Are Exploding and Disfiguring Consumers

E-cigarettes are devices designed to deliver nicotine to the user without ever having to light up a conventional cigarette. These devices were first patented in 2003, and they've been available for sale in the US since 2007. Manufacturers of these products advertise them as safe, safer than traditional forms...

E-Cigarettes Are Getting a Whole New Generation of Children Hooked on Nicotine

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced in 2004, one of their touted benefits was that they could help people to quit their nicotine habits. However, they seem to be having the opposite effect, particularly among young people. A study appearing this week in the journal Pediatrics has found that,...
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