Tuesday, May 18, 2021


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Bladder Cancer From Zantac Prompts Lawsuit

Carl Williams has been taking Zantac for 30 years to relieve antacid discomfort.  The drug, otherwise known by its chemical name, ranitidine, is a popular antacid medication. Unfortunately, it also can cause cancer. Williams did not know this to be true of Zantac, but he claims that the drug’s manufacturers were...

Hernia Mesh Infections: is it the Materials or Something Else?

One of the problems reported with hernia mesh has to do with the issue of biocompatibility between the materials used and human tissues. Surgical mesh (which is used in other types of surgeries as well) can be made from biological materials, such as pigskin or tissues taken from elsewhere in...

Zantac Lawsuit Filings on the Rise

January saw a number of new lawsuit filings against manufacturers of Zantac and similar ranitidine-containing medications, alleging that these companies were aware of the danger from NDMA contamination. In fact, although Connecticut pharmaceutical testing lab Valisure was the first to announce the discovery publicly this past September, a Stanford University study published...