Tuesday, May 18, 2021


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Pharmaceutical Companies Conspire to Keep Opioid Addicts from Getting Help – Now States Are Fighting Back

You may not have heard of Suboxone, unless you have struggled with opioid addiction. This drug is a vital treatment in helping addicts to get the proverbial monkey off their back – and two drug companies have been conspiring to keep the price inflated by blocking the manufacture of...

Big Pharma: Creating a Nation of Addicts for Profit

It isn't a new story. Back in the days, celebrities like Judy Garland, Alan Jay Lerner and Elvis Presley were made into addicts by the physicians to whom they had entrusted their health care concerns. Those were unscrupulous doctors who saw opportunities to exert control over their well-heeled patients...

Big Pharma Price Gouges on Heroin Overdose Medicine

Amidst a growing opioid epidemic across the nation, big pharma is seeing dollar signs and an opportunity to make big bucks off of a lifesaving medication which saves thousands of lives yearly.Narcan is a drug which has the ability to save the life of an individual who has overdosed...