The nation is building a power wall—and you are invited to help build it.

Today, March 18, 2020, is National Take Down Tobacco Day of Action. Around the world people from every walk of life will rally in a fight for the first tobacco-free generation.  The virtual part of the action includes building a power wall that where individuals eager to make a change can post the reason they want to “Take Down Tobacco.”

You can lay your virtual brick in this campaign by posting your personal reason for taking down tobacco at #TakeDownTobacco or by visiting the effort’s website.

The Time Is Now

The rate at which e-cigarettes, like Juul, are hooking today’s youth is nothing short of alarming. The U.S. had much tremendous progress toward eliminating the deadly nicotine addiction that so many older generations already battled year, and now, seemingly overnight, a new crop of addicts has been planted. According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, tobacco-use rates have reached a 20-year high in our country. E-cigarettes have played a strong role in moving the addiction needle in this direction. This, despite the fact that tobacco continues to be the top-ranking cause of death worldwide.

How People are Choosing to Act

To “Take Down Tobacco” participants who believe in the importance of creating a tobacco-free generation have assembled in a variety of activities, including:

Setting up online fundraising event pages:  Aimed at increasing awareness of how kids are targeted by the tobacco industry

Sharing information about the dangers of tobacco: Resources for parents, including personal account videos from ne-cigarette addicted teens, fact sheets,  and tip sheets about how to talk to your kids about this topic

Taking an online training program: Free online courses that give middle and high school-aged youth the information, tools, ands skills to combat the use of tobacco in their communities

A Year-Round Effort

Although today is National Take Down Tobacco Day of Action, the Take Down Tobacco program operates the entire year. Today marks the program’s 25th anniversary. The day of action was originally called Kick Butts Day.

The organization claims praiseworthy progress over this quarter century, noting a drop in youth smoking that marks an all-time low for the habit. Sadly, the good they have done in this area unraveled in the blink of an eye with the introduction of e-cigarettes, along with their manufacturers’ crafty, but shameful, packaging and marketing tactics.

If you like the idea of creating the nation’s first tobacco-free generation, consider joining the Take Down Tobacco Day of Action.

Lay your brick on the power wall and help build a better future for our youth today.


Sara Stephens is a freelance writer who has developed a hefty portfolio of work across several industries, with a strong emphasis on law, technology, and marketing. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, as well as various technology and consumer publications, both print and online. Sara also works as a freelance book editor, having developed and edited manuscripts for bestselling and novice authors alike, and as a verbal strategist for a Miami branding consultancy.